Hello everyone!

Today I want to tell you about something that happened a year ago 😀 (not really, it happened on the 29th of Dec).

Anyways I had a concert with my band and I decided that I want to write more about my band because they are really important to me and I want to write about all aspects of my life.

I was a bit sick on that day. I had some sort of a nasty stomach virus and I was doubting until the very last minute whether I should go onto the stage or not but I’m glad I did because I’ve never had such an adrenaline rush from it.

We played all of the songs we have written so far and because of the demand of the audience we played our version of Iron Man which was nice. My friend also took pictures of which was really nice and I was really thankful of him.

I think what added to the whole performance itself was that we were the last ones to play and never have I seen that place be so full during the last performer so it made me feel even more connected to the band and the audience.

The pictures are inserted as a slideshow down below.

But coming back to the topic. I have just finally starting to feel that maybe we as a band are actually a considerable new addition to the world of music. I can already see people who visit our concerts every time and are not our friends or family. We have quite a following on facebook and many of my online friends are even interested about our band which is really nice.

So if you’re interested about what kind of music we make then look at our facebook page and yeah.

I just hope my gut feeling is right this time.

Ann :3

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