Hello everyone!

It’s time to review 2016. For me it was quite an okay year. I don’t really relate too much with the general opinion of it being too bad for me personally.

So the only goal I remember is that I had to read 31 books but I did not manage that. I only read 27 which wasn’t too bad but I know I could’ve done a lot better.

For my blog wise I can say that I am kinda disappointed about the amount that I wrote but I’ve figured out where the problem was and I’ve talked about it with people and it’s okay. So I hope you can see more posts in 2017.

Now for more interesting things. I  will bring out the highlights of my year. These are in no particular order but I just want to bring them out in a numbered list so whenever I look back on the posts I can easily find them.

  1. Dust Cloud – my band has kinda boosted up in the sky. Nothing too much fame producing but for me it has became more important and I feel like I have had enough time to adjust and get more closer with them.
  2. ENQU (my school newspaper) – this is more of a recent thing but I started to work on it and I’m really proud about myself for taking it over and making it better and so on.
  3. Relationships and self development – I feel like I have improved a lot in those two categories. It’s still a learning process for me but I feel like the relationship with my friends and family has gotten a lot better and me and my boyfriend are starting to figure ourselves out as a couple as well.

All in all not a lot has changed and I feel like 2017 will be more of the year where I figure myself and everything out. 2016 seems to be more like of an introduction to it but more about this in my 2017 resolutions 😀

Ann :3