Hello everyone!

I know it’s kind of late but I wanted to still post it here because these might be the topics I will be writing more about this year.

So I have 4 main topics and I have goals in each so about 16 goals all together. I will also try to explain why I made these goals and when I write about those goals I will let you know my end goal, which might not happen this year at all.

  1. Health
    So my first topic is health, something I have been struggling with since I was a child and I feel like I want to change myself.

    • Develop healthy habits like working out, taking care of my hair, skin etc. So this is quite obvious on its own, I feel like my body deserves a lot more that it gets right now.
    • Lose 20% of my current weight, this is the amount that I want to lose this year, it probably will end up being more but who knows.
    • This one kind of goes together with the last one but I want to start eating cleaner and possibly a plant based diet because this seems the healthiest and something that I want to aspire to.
      => The end goal of this category is to get into a healthy body weight and be more happy with myself in general.
  2. Music
    This category has only two goals because I feel like I can’t promise something that is not for me to make.

    • Practice more of my instruments (guitar, bass and piano)
    • Practice the behaviour on stage, I feel like I’m a bit shy on stage so I wanna practice a bit of that but for that I definitely need to be more self confident.
  3. Spirituality
    This one is the most important for my mental health and I don’t really have an end goal and it’s just for me.

    • I want to start meditating
    • I want to start taking better care of my precious stones.
  4. School
    Again I don’t want to promise any numbers because as I’ve realised a teacher has a lot more power than one could think of but I can promise some things.

    • I wanna study everything that I have and not write things off from others.
    • I wanna learn to manage my time better so I wouldn’t stay up all night.
      => So the end goal mostly is to learn better time management with school so I could use it in everyday life but also if I give 110% at school and in everything else I do then it will help my dreams come true.

Also I have a little blog goal, and that is to write at least one post a month, which isn’t too much but I’m almost 100% certain that soon I will figure out a plan for the blog and for my goals. So far I’ve been completely clueless what to do and where I should start from…

Ann :3