I want to start a language exchange on this blog. Mostly because I have a few language exams this year but also I feel like this will help me to achieve the goals I have set for my school things, which is my main goal kind of, the rest I feel will come naturally.

My idea of the language is so that you will send me the languages you speak and can teach to others and then the language you want to learn. Then I will try to find you someone to teach that language and a student. That way it will be more focused on the language you want to study in one chat and in the other chat you would be the one teaching.

In a addition to that I will write a weekly post in one of the languages I study and of course the translation in English and then in the comments you can fix my mistakes or reply to it in this language, which will spice up the blog a bit and give others a chance to practice the language or help me get better in it.

If you want to be a part of the language exchange you can write to me to my email, which is artwolfing@gmail.com
The submission has to have the following:

  • Your first name or the name you want to be called as
  • The language you can teach
  • The language you want to study
  • A little description of yourself (that way I can connect people who have more similarities)

If you are interested to being connected with me then I would like to practice my French, Russian and Spanish.

And I can teach you Estonian and English.

Also follow me on twitter because if my email gets too crowded then I’m going to choose one day a week where I will be going through my email and connecting you people.The way I connect you is that I will send you both an email telling you who you’re connected with and what’s that person’s email. From there on you have to manage on your own 😀

I hope this will be as interesting of an experience for you as it is for me.
Ann :3