Hello everyone!

Today I want to write about something that is kind of personal but kind of opening myself up and letting you know that this is who I am and this is what I go through, it’s also to kind of show myself that I can fix this but that I am also as beautiful as I am even though I might be rough on the edges.

I am going to number those but they are in no praticular order. I also know that there are tips to make some of them be less annoying but this is generally what is going on in my life.

  1. Nothing fits me right.
    I don’t know whether it’s just me not knowing what to look for or the poor choices the stores have or anything else but everything makes me look odd, even if I try really hard for it not to.
  2. I rub my thighs.
    In a way I totally understand the obsession of a thigh gap because I am so done with keeping up with different ways to look pretty in dresses and not rub my thighs.
  3. All kinds of health problems.
    I don’t have anything major, well I kinda do but I mean it’s something that’s cureable so I don’t think it really matters. But in general I mean things like not being able to do all the things others do in PE and so on.
  4. The stereotype of being lazy.
    In my eyes it’s understandable why this stereotype is there and why people feel that way but it hurts me because everytime I try really hard I feel like people still see me that way.
  5. Not being able to say no.
    That’s I guess having a food addiction but in general it’s just not being able to say no to foods that I like or just being kind of ignorant to some topics.
  6. Being a second choice.
    It’s not only a love thing it’s also the same in friendships.
  7. Getting no compliments.
    That’s a really sad one because I do try really hard to look good and well put together and so on but it’s super rare when I get compliments from people who are not there to see how much effort I put into looking good.

That’s all I can think of now but if you want to add something or say something about the whole topic or just want me to think of a longer list then let me know.