So I don’t have proper technology. What does that mean?

Well my smartphone lost its screen. It just fell off since it wasn’t properly attached (the story how it ended up not being properly attached is kinda irrelevant). But now I don’t have a smartphone and I want to write about what I have noticed during the week of not having a smartphone and using really old phones and my 2gen iPod which has served me well all that time.

I mean the phone screen isn’t completely off I could use it but it’s unattached to the point where I am kinda scared to use it. So yes I could go with the easy way and use my phone but I don’t want to and as much as I hate not having my phone with me… I actually kinda like the situation it has brought me in.

Now here are the things I’ve noticed and that I want to change myself when I get my phone fixed:

  • People don’t communicate to each other whilst being together.
  • It has become a normality to be on Facebook and talk to people right there and then. It has become so normal that people have forgotten the presence of calls and texting.
  • People rely on their technology so much that they don’t know how to read normal clocks.

It’s kinda sad that the things that were quite new to us have taken almost a superior position in our lives. Everything gets so easy that we don’t even know what to do without them.

The first few days without having a proper phone I felt isolated and lonely. Now I’m slowly finding myself doing the things I probably should do instead of spending time on my phone, like reading and procrastinating less when I do open my computer.

There is one thing that I still do miss about not having my phone and that is the health apps. I do feel like I need one to count my steps and motivate me more to get out and track what I’m eating.

Have you been in a situation like that? How did you feel in it?

Ann :3