Life is like a game of chess, where you have to play every role ever. You are the player, you are the pieces, you might even be the opponent.

Now truth to be told, I suck at chess. I can’t do all of it what chess requires you to, therefore the game of life is not well played by me. If you take chess into pieces there’s a lot to it. There’s a lot that you have to look out for and a lot you have to think ahead and I can’t do it. I’m more like a living in the moment person.

In my eyes chess also has a lot to do with priorities. Well your top priority is to keep the King alive and I guess in your life one could compare it to keeping yourself live. Being alive and as healthy as one can be. In my eyes King is kind of the commander of all the other pieces. Now if you know me a bit and my views then you can understand that this is where I think everything goes wrong for me.

Instead of keeping myself alive, which I have learned to do somewhat okay, I try to keep the most pointless things in my life alive. I try to keep the pawns in my life alive instead of protecting the King and Queen. I guess you can take Queen as school/education (later your job), since this is what takes you through life.

I’ve started to see every day as a new game but also there is a major game in your life and that is your life in general. That game is going a lot slower than your daily games are. To make things even more complicated but also more understandable, in my eyes you choose different aspects to your life on different pieces each day. There’s one thing that never changes though, it’s the fact that you remain the King. Therefore it’s quite unlikely that you will lose the daily game, it’s more that you tie up with someone. Your lifelong game obviously ends with your death.

So we play this daily game of chess but how is it connected with real life still. How did I come to such point of view. Well, in my eyes you need the following things in order to be good at chess: perception, strategy, logic and what’s the most important thing you need to be able to be ahead of your opponent and you have to be ready for almost everything your opponent throws at you. This gives a people who play chess a huge advantage, whether they are clever enough to use it is up to them. And this is how the opinion was born.

Yes, I could always improve my chess skill but there’s a problem with that. Chess makes me anxious. I don’t really know why and I do know it’s kinda silly but at some point my brain stops working and that’s when anxiety takes over. If it is a game of chess then this is the point when I give up. Maybe it’s just a lack of experience in chess and the same could be said about chess… But what if there’s more to it? Who knows… Right now I do have a plan in a chess of life, I don’t know how it will turn out but that’s what  is fun about it right?