I hope you haven’t forgotten about me 😀

I know I’m not the most consistent writer but spring has inspired me so much that I do have some ideas about what to write.

I guess I can finally say that I have started to fill out my new years resolutions. At least the ones I was worried about not filling up. For example the weight ones, I was super worried about those.

I can happily say that I am finaly fulfilling them and I am super grateful for that and everything that I do about it makes me even more inspired. I mean I have started to be honest about myself and I know that there will be some hardship but I do have some goals and I want to complete them.

So far my partner in weight loss has been my mother. She has been super supportive and has been doing it with me and we keep inspiring each other and making each other motivated, which definitely helps. It keeps me energetic and there’s something that really keeps me going. It might be the good feeling but it might also be the open conversations we have. It just brings us together and we know that we both do it for a good cause.

I am scared about few things though because I’ve went through similar kind of a period in my life and this lasted for a week and I don’t want this to happen again. The other reason why I’m scared is that my mother goes to the other side of the country for work in next week. Two things are really significant next week, it’s my 1 week margin then and I have to have the motivation to do it alone but since my journey is still in the beginning I don’t know how it will go.

I will let you know next weekend how did it go.

It has been good writing to you again, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Ann :3