I am truly sorry if this post sounds a bit rough for some of you or you don’t agree to everything I have to say about it but I’m happy to hear all of your thoughts.Image result for tied up in chains angel

Recently I’ve started to understand how important it is to live for yourself. I don’t know how many of you who have been reading this blog or how many of you know me in real life, have heard me talking about me feeling like I’m trapped or tied together with chains or something like this.

Something like this on the picture.

This is how I felt and there were various reasons which should not be shared because it would be too personal and this isn’t really relevant anyways.

Image result for angel spreading wings tumblrNow, after a lot of changes in my life. Starting from my breakup ending with my complete life change I feel completely different and I’ve made some conclusions alongside the topic.

So another picture to illustrate how I feel.

I feel like I’ve just broken through the chains and I can conquer the world. There’s so much I want to do, so many places I want to visit. I feel like I’ve been healed by many things. One is the realisation of how important my health is, the second is the fact that I’ve learned to love myself and understand who I am. It’s not only the breakup that has taught me that, it’s also the relationship itself.  Knowing that they can conquer the world is something everyone needs to feel at some point. It’s necessary that they find it out on their own. It’s definitely not  a thing you can learn through a similar experience that I had, everyone has their own ways. They just need to find a trigger for it.

Now coming back to the topic of this post. I feel like everyone should live for theirself because everyone is worth it. You need to be able to move on and cherish what you had and also what you have.

You need to live for yourself because at the end of the day you are the only one you have for yourself. Only you can keep yourself alive, only you can enjoy the life you have been given. Everyone has the potential to become someone in their life.

The best thing you can do in order to really live for yourself is not to rush with everything and enjoy all of the changes that happen on every move in the game of chess. You don’t need to win in order to learn something from it, you just need to be smart enough to learn and improve.

Another thing you should do for yourself. Don’t give up on yourself. I do mean it, just don’t. Giving up on yourself and starting to hurt yourself physically or mentally is not worth it, just be stubborn enough to keep on being busy and working and doing the things you enjoy the most. If you already feel low then your brain will only generate more of the negative feelings if you mope around.

Every day is a new beginning, it’s never too late and you don’t need to wait for tomorrow, the beginning of the week/month/year in order to make a change for you. I know it does sound kind of cliché but trust me when I say that a thousand new beginnings are better than no beginning at all.

Ann :3