Today I want to write a post kind of looking back to what has happened before.

This blog was started by a depressed little girl who was really alone in her heart. She was so alone that she went online in the hopes to find someone. She needed someone to listen and think along with her, maybe give some advice but most importantly be her friend.

She found people who listened to her. She found friends. She found people who think the same way but something else happened, she found people to hang out outside of internet. Those people looked like her, liked the same things but weren’t for her.

She found friends for a while and then they changed, she did not realise that something had not changed. The fact that she still had internet friends, she still had her voice and she most definitely had her blog. She didn’t come here quite often because she was so busy trying to find someone in real life.

Then love happened, through internet. Love was a miraculous thing and nothing should stop it but there always is something that will stop it. This time it was money. I know everyone says that if there’s a will there’s a way but life did the right thing in order to stop us from meeting.

Real life stepped in and love happened again, this time in real life and the changes were a lot different. Changed the looks, forgotten was the voice and the blog. Deep inside there was some of this little girl who then had to grow up, of course she was growing up the whole time but this small period was the main time for growing.

Now she has grown up again. She found her voice. She found her passion and she found her blog. She also found her true friends and she knows now who is really there for her when she needs it the most.