Before I go on my rant I want to emphasise that this post isn’t directed to anyone specific more towards the society in general.

I don’t know if this is really my mind playing tricks on me or is it actually pure anger releasing from within me but here are my thoughts written out as a letter form.

Dear girls with a normal BMI,

With this letter I want to address some of the things I hate about you, some of the things I envy about you and some of the things I wish you would see when you would look in the mirror.

I honestly, truly, from the bottom of my heart hate when you talk about you being fat and wanting to lose weight. You talking like this has made me see weight/BMI numbers above everyone’s heads. You’re not fat, please stop misusing the word.

I am FAT.

After losing 3kg I still am FAT, so if you look at me and are envious of me then think again. I am climbing down from the OBESE category, you’re just trying to be close to the underweight section, which is not okay either but you saying you are fat makes me just want to cry and lose all of my hard work.

I understand that you want to look more toned or have more strength and so on but please don’t label yourself fat. You are not fat, look at yourselves. You are just perfect.

I am envious about you finding yourself clothes that fit you from every single store. I hate driving around the whole town just to visit 3 shops that sell my clothing size. I am envious about you not getting all of those disgusted looks and all of those jokes thrown about you just when you stand right next to the complete strangers. I am envious that you can walk with a fast pace without looking like you’ve hit the gym after 100m. The list would go on.

I honestly wish that you would see the beauty in you when you look in the mirror. I wish you would see how many people treat you differently just because you’re not overweight. I wish that you would see that you don’t have to starve yourself just to look nice. I wish that you would just see how much you hurt that one truly fat friend you have.

Your FAT friend who has chosen a healthier lifestyle