It’s me again with another post. I don’t know how many of you study French but if you do then you’ve probably heard from the DELF exam. Before I go on and talk about my experience I want to know how many of you have taken it and what was your experience?

I can’t really say that my experience was bad but I’m honestly doubting that I will get the level I went to get. I was doing the exam on B1 and when I think back to the times when my English was on that level then I get really worried, was I really that bad or am I not B1 in French.

The written exam was a bit better than the oral exam. I mean the listening was pretty bad but I’m pretty sure I did fine in the other parts of it. I honestly don’t think I got much from the listening. It was pretty horrible, especially the third one since the tapes went harder and harder and the third one was the worst to listen to since it was so fast and such a low quality compared to the others.

The written tasks were quite nice. The reading part was understandable and the topic for story writing was also nice and easy so that I could pretty much write freely about this topic. I was surprised on how well I did on it. I thought that I would struggle more but I didn’t, so I’m not sure how I did.

THE ABSOLUTE WORST was the oral part though. I understood almost everything that the lady told me but I had such a hard time replying to her. Maybe I was just nervous but I have to go to France this summer and I’m pretty sure I’ll be pretty bad there too because even Jess thought that my spoken English was not as good as my written English during the first day. I don’t even know what causes it because whilst meeting Jess I wasn’t even worried, I was just bad. I was just horrible and knowing I have to go to France with a lower language level than what I had when I went to England is scary.

But yeah, this was my short explanation of the DELF experience. I hope yours was not as traumatising and I hope we all get the level we went there for.