I’m very sorry if my blog posts now start to talk about from the same topics over and over again. Whether you like it or not this is the main issue of my life right now and I need to be honest about this and some other things going on in m life.

So I can happily say that the motivation I lost last week is back but since a few people have asked me to tell them what’s the source of my motivation I started to think about it.

I saw an episode of my 600 pound life today. I’ve never seen one and since it was on my recommended list I thought I’d give it a look. I was not impressed by the way it was made but some of the stories were to some extent relatable, of course there were some things that I found weird but it’s not really that important.

So the show is at fault in giving me back motivation but this made me think about body image. We all see those pictures from magazines and want to be like the over photoshopped girls on those pictures but what if you can mess up your body image the other way.

I guess it’s okay as long as you benefit from this somewhat wrong view of yourself. I mean something did change when I saw those people who were about twice or even thrice my size but something in me did change. I immediately started comparing whether I’m that big and how close I am to that size.

So at the end of the day I’m not quite sure whether it was me just looking for some motivation and using those people as that or was it my weird distorted mind.

Ann :3