Instead of writing to you how depressed I am and how I just want to let the depressive emotions consume me, I’m going to write about sugar and spice and everything nice.

On Thursday my band had a gig. I’ve never felt anything so nice. I finally feel like we’re going to get far. I feel like I’ve finally been accepted to the band. It’s been a year and quite eventful one. Also one year ago we had our first gig.

I feel like I’ve grown so much as a bassist in one year and I’m honestly so happy that I was invited there. I know there are moments when I hate myself for being commited to it and I know where I will be done with all of them but at the end of the day I think about moments like Thursday.

The magical moment of being on stage. Having the opportunity to look nice and to show what I’ve learned. To see the people get so into the music that everyone forget about their daily worries just for the night. And I think my all time favourite feeling is when people come to me after the gig and come shake my hand or hug me in order to congratulate me on the show.

There was a period where I thought that band life wouldn’t be the way I’d like to earn money but honestly after this event I’d say that it totally is.

Here are some clips from our last gig: