Today I want to bring back another type of post I used to do not so long ago. I want to write about a song I really connect to at the moment.

I found this song by accident. I was listening YouTube on autoplay and this song came on. It was love at first hearing 😀

The vocals sound just dead enough for me and the meaning behind it is just what I need.

The lines that I connect the most are: “And if I only could,
I’d make a deal with God,
And I’d get him to swap our places”

Of course I love the whole song and I found the lyrics extraordinary. They’re just so on point. I feel like they’re just for me in this moment.

If you listen to the lyrics then you might assume that I am super depressed and deep down in the pit because of someone but this song works differently for me. It gives me energy to keep on going.

I feel like a bird about to fly whenever I listen to this song.

I think writing about song lyrics like this is important. It’s important because it helps you understand what you feel about a certain song and how it influences you. A song can make you feel exactly opposite of what the lyrics mean and sometimes reflecting that for yourself or even in writing can help you align your thoughts and emotions.

Of course the meanings for your favourite songs may change with time but understanding them right now is what matters.

Ann :3