Good morning…

Why am I still up? It’s almost 4 am 😀

Anyways it’s not really what I want to write about. I have much more important topics to write about. One of which is what will happen with summer summary. As many of you know I’ve done it for a while now and I plan to do it this year also, luckily this year it will be actually easy to follow and interesting to read.

I have actually come up with a layout that would make it easier for me to write it and for you to read. I will document my whole summer as separate blog posts and then try to write a proper summary of it. I also have some posts to catch up with from the end of the school period.

I don’t know when they will be up though because in an hour or so I will be leaving to France and I have no idea whether I’ll have connection or not. Nonetheless I’ll try to take a lot of pictures so I could show you at least pictures of what I was up to.

On a side note, why is it so light at 4 am 😀

Ann :3