I am back from my travels for about a week now, of course it was an emotional rollercoaster (like it could be any different with mum). I did get to see a lot of places I haven’t seen before and experience and practice things I never have before, and it was really interesting and eyeopening. I now kind of wish I had been away from home for a longer period of time, I feel like I already need another break from the mess that’s home but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

The first 25ish hours were just driving so I don’t have many pictures from there. We were completely exhausted when finally arrived to Germany to our hotel. We stayed in the newlyweds suite and it was so pretty.


We stayed in Germany for the whole day and it was quite surprising that they didn’t speak English there. I was actually pretty certain that using English was not going to be a problem but I was wrong and this was really hard for me. I’m not used to a thing like this and I couldn’t get away with any of the other languages I knew as well. I felt like a helpless child again and of course I had a fight about my shyness with my mum. But other then that it was great.

The day that we spent in Germany we were mostly walking around the town, went shopping and tried out stuff that we don’t get from here. Mum spent about 150€ on my clothes but we got twice as much as we’d got here and I desperately needed new clothes then.

In the evening we went to dinner to the hotel’s restaurant (which was full of people and it was slightly disturbing because people) and they hosted a beergarden that night. This meant that we could try the local food, which by the way was amazing, and radler, it’s a mixture of soda and beer and it’s so good. I have already googled some recipes so I could recreate it for my friends.

cofOur room in France was cozier and since it was an apartment that we rented for the 3 days we stayed there, then we could make it a lot more of our own.

Our days were quite busy. The first day we visited a mineral festival that was about 18km away. The road to there was up and down hill and super twisty, kind of like in cartoons 😀 Unfortunately we couldn’t take many pictures on the festival so the pictures I have up are mostly of the ones I bought. But there were some nice coloured agates I could take a pic of (there’s a link to all of the photos later).

On the last day we went to adventure around the town we stayed at. It was such a cute old town. It was totally for tourists but sometimes it’s nice to visit places like this.

All in all the whole trip was a new experience for me. I haven’t travelled much as just Ann, I’ve always travelled as a musician and that gives travelling some boundaries, you as an individual, can’t experience. So obviously this was such a different experience that I didn’t know how to deal with because when I went to see Jess then I was still used to those boundaries and I was younger as well.



I’m going to leave the link to the folder there so you can see all of the pictures of my trip: https://goo.gl/photos/RVaPchN5hddfYSJf6

But I hope you enjoyed and this post doesn’t even do justice to all of the feels I had there but it does give you a good overview of where I was and what I did.