I think this is such an important post. I’m not too sure if I’ve ever mentioned it in here but I’ve thought of myself as politically neutral and someone who doesn’t really wanna be associated with politics in any sort of way but after yesterday I did understand quite a few things.

So what happened yesterday you may ask…

Well here’s what happened…

Yesterday I was hosting a talk on Food Addiction. It’s a topic I’m very passionate about and soon I will write a more elaborate blog post about it because I feel like it’s time for that. Unfortunately it does need some planning so you’ll see it in a few weeks.

Anyways, back to the topic. Talking about social issues in public definitely was a first for me. I have discussed some in here and talked about them with my friends and so on but never with a live audience in a venue.

I didn’t really think food addiction is something that can turn into a political topic, which it did and I think it’s pretty important because as a new adult I have a voice. That voice matters more than I can possibly imagine. Even when I go to UK to university then my voice this year will matter to the people in Estonia. And finding that voice, figuring out what I want my country to be like is quite important.

The funny thing about it all is the fact that I advertised it as a commercial break for politics. It ended up being somewhat of a strong political stance. I feel like I have to thank Ylase12 for it. The events and talks I’ve visited there are also a part of me and a huge part of shaping me. The energy there always inspires me and wants me become more vocal and I think that’s actually what I need. I need to understand that I am important, that my voice does matter and sitting here discussing things with my friends but never publicly posting them is not how things are changed.

 I hope you enjoyed :3