I’m a Wolfing. I live in my own little demented world. I try to stay positive and I’m always myself.

So here are all of the sites I own:
Main twitter: https://twitter.com/Van_Wolfing
Twitter for role-plays: https://twitter.com/Rol_Wolfing
DeviantArt: http://artwolfing.deviantart.com/ (don’t use anymore)
Tumblr: http://vanwolfing.tumblr.com/
Other blog: http://linesforthemind.wordpress.com/
nstagram: http://instagram.com/van_wolfing
mail: artwolfing@gmail.com

Here’s a little tour of the blog

I created this blog in order to feel better, my demons are there with me all day every day but I’ve found my saviour in writing and being creative. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Ann :3