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Seeing the world through the eyes of a Wolfing

Hello! I am back from my travels for about a week now, of course it was an emotional rollercoaster (like it could be any different with mum). I did get to see a lot of places I haven't seen before... Continue Reading →


2016 in review

Hello everyone! It's time to review 2016. For me it was quite an okay year. I don't really relate too much with the general opinion of it being too bad for me personally. So the only goal I remember is... Continue Reading →

Summer Summary 2016

Hello guys! As you know it's a tradition here in my blog to have a summer summary at the end of the summer. This year it will be pretty short since mostly I was working so the whole July work... Continue Reading →

Readathon or Failathon

So I didn't finish much when it came to reading but it's okay. I'll make it up in new year. I'm not gonna bring up the things I read because it was too little, if you wanna check it out... Continue Reading →

Let me try again

So I'm going to explain myself once more on the same topic. Every time I start writing this post about my recent confusions I have my thoughts clear and ready to be written down. Here's a plot twist to you,... Continue Reading →

Friday the 13th – day of misfortune or the day of swag?

Many people know Friday the 13th as the day of misfortune. This month I must completely disagree, I haven't had such a good day in a while. Most probably it was because I had my birthday then. Yes, I have... Continue Reading →

Who is Wolfing?

Hiya everyone... So I'm taking part of Blogging101 course, I know that I've been blogging for a while now but I think that it could help me with my writing skills and gives me a better understanding of what I... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2015

A new year needs to start with a blog post 🙂 (Obviously this was supposed to be posted yesterday so let's pretend that today is 01.01.15) I try to combine as much of my categories as I can but to... Continue Reading →

The Interesting Year of 2014

Hello hello *waves* Happy New Years eve! I hope you all have an amazing evening. So I'm gonna write my own summary and in the end you can check out of the summary WordPress has created instead of me (I... Continue Reading →

Adventures At Nan’s

Hello *waves madly* So I was supposed to write a blog post as soon as I get my last Christmas present but since I can't be bothered to take pictures of them... I know I'm lazy... Soz m8s. I will... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello and happy Thanksgiving! Actually we don't celebrate it here but I thought that this would be the best thing to write about today. So what is this Wolfing thankful for? I'm going to start from the most surprising one... Continue Reading →

Summer summary and 2 first days of school (no pics)

I thought I'd do a quick summer summary for all of you guys. I think it's good to summarise stuff after they've ended. So I'm gonna tell you about my summer once more. I'll also link you to the posts... Continue Reading →

Laulupidu and more Out Of The Blue related stuff

I'd like to write about Laulupidu. This is a huge song festival held in Estonia. It brings us all together. It is held after every 4 years just like the Olympics. This is an old pic but it looked pretty... Continue Reading →

Bits and pieces from here and there

There's a lot to write about. I want to combine bits and pieces of everything you have missed. I guess it would be nice to start with the reason why I was gone for such a long time but it... Continue Reading →

Birthday and happy wolfing

Some of you might know that I had a birthday yesterday. I finally turned 15 (I have felt for a very long time that this year of my life will be very special). The whole day was amazing, I felt... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year to all of you! I don't really know what to write about the new years eve and everything related to it. I mean I could write how my uncle ate cat food but this... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve, short description of gifts + pics

Merry Christmas to all of you! It would be more accurate if there were wolves. I'm really surprised for this years Christmas, no fights, no drama. Just normal Christmas. I'm really happy for that. I would like to write about... Continue Reading →

Christmas story and some news and stuff

I'm going to start with a story I wrote for Christmas for my other blog. So my readers are special and can read it few days earlier 🙂 Here you go: Once upon a time there lived a Wolfing. She... Continue Reading →


I think it would be appropriate to make 2 Christmas posts. One to tell about what I gifted out and one general one, what I thought of this years Christmas. I can't really tell what I sent because if those... Continue Reading →

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