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Thoughts and feelings

The storm begins

Hey! I haven't been writing much but I think it's time to come back. I feel like it's time to come back to my roots and really start writing about my emotions, life events, fears and ideas. I don't think... Continue Reading →


Running Up That Hill

Hello! Today I want to bring back another type of post I used to do not so long ago. I want to write about a song I really connect to at the moment. I found this song by accident.... Continue Reading →

Distorted body image or desperately finding motivation?

Hello! I'm very sorry if my blog posts now start to talk about from the same topics over and over again. Whether you like it or not this is the main issue of my life right now and I need... Continue Reading →

Awful things about weight loss

Hello again! I'm back with another post and I know recently all of my posts have been about weight loss but this is what is my main goal of this year and what right now causes a lot of happiness... Continue Reading →

Your mind starts to play tricks on you

Before I go on my rant I want to emphasise that this post isn't directed to anyone specific more towards the society in general. I don't know if this is really my mind playing tricks on me or is it... Continue Reading →

Mirrors reflect our past

Today I want to write a post kind of looking back to what has happened before. This blog was started by a depressed little girl who was really alone in her heart. She was so alone that she went online... Continue Reading →

You have to live for yourself and yourself only

Hiya! I am truly sorry if this post sounds a bit rough for some of you or you don't agree to everything I have to say about it but I'm happy to hear all of your thoughts. Recently I've started... Continue Reading →

New Years resolutions weren’t made for nothing

Hello! I hope you haven't forgotten about me 😀 I know I'm not the most consistent writer but spring has inspired me so much that I do have some ideas about what to write. I guess I can finally say... Continue Reading →

Life is like a game of chess

Life is like a game of chess, where you have to play every role ever. You are the player, you are the pieces, you might even be the opponent. Now truth to be told, I suck at chess. I can't... Continue Reading →

Living life without ‘proper’ technology

So I don't have proper technology. What does that mean? Well my smartphone lost its screen. It just fell off since it wasn't properly attached (the story how it ended up not being properly attached is kinda irrelevant). But now... Continue Reading →

Things I hate about being obese

Hello everyone! Today I want to write about something that is kind of personal but kind of opening myself up and letting you know that this is who I am and this is what I go through, it's also to... Continue Reading →

2017 resolutions

Hello everyone! I know it's kind of late but I wanted to still post it here because these might be the topics I will be writing more about this year. So I have 4 main topics and I have goals in... Continue Reading →

2016 in review

Hello everyone! It's time to review 2016. For me it was quite an okay year. I don't really relate too much with the general opinion of it being too bad for me personally. So the only goal I remember is... Continue Reading →

Clouds, dreams and other important shenanigans 

Hello my wonderful followers!  Today is an important day. My band DustCloud just released our first song.  Listen to Insidious Dreams by Dust Cloud We also have an instagram (if the link doesn't work then just search dustcloud_official)... Continue Reading →

I’ve Learned My Lesson

Hello! I wanted to tell you about something but then I thought it was too private so I'm going to write what I learned from it. Since the whole story revolves around life desicions. I'm pretty sure that by now... Continue Reading →

Four years and counting

Today I want to tell you about my blogging experiences. The month of September or actually the ending of September is my 4 year mark on this blog. The blog I have here on WordPress and I would like to... Continue Reading →

I Know Why I Am Here

Hello! So today I wanted to bring you this short post about school. My closest friends know what I've been feeling about the whole school thing and they know my doubts and everything that connected to it but today I... Continue Reading →

Better Days – Being Self-Aware

I'm back with another Better Days blog post but before I start with that I want to rant a bit and tell you how other people who play a significant role in your life can make a better day into... Continue Reading →

I have a new project

I'm not quite sure how much I've mentioned it but we do have a moskvitch standing there and I managed to talk to dad and he promised to help me get it fixed. I don't have liscence yet but since the... Continue Reading →

Slowly climbing back up or at least trying to

Hey guys! Yesterday was kind of my realisation night. I talked to my bandmate and there was some sort of understanding which made me realise a few things and told me to get back up, whether I like it or... Continue Reading →

I’m not making my life hard, you are

So a few days ago I was thinking about this TED talk that is pretty old already but still keeps popping up on my tumblr timeline and I wanted to write a reaction post. To be honest I don't know... Continue Reading →

Weekend as a teenager

I guess I can now say that I'm a proper teen. My parents have always told me that I am like a small middle aged person. I never did something reckless and was always the nice and cute little kid,... Continue Reading →

I’m worried

This will probably be a short post because I'm writing it from my phone. Today I wanted to talk to you a bit on the health topic again. It's a bit of mental health and a bit of physical health.... Continue Reading →

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