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Learning new things

Hello! Yesterday I started learning a new skill. I started to learn how to skateboard. A friend borrowed me his longboard and today is my second learning how to skateboard. I think I'm doing fairly well. My friend didn't give... Continue Reading →


Distorted body image or desperately finding motivation?

Hello! I'm very sorry if my blog posts now start to talk about from the same topics over and over again. Whether you like it or not this is the main issue of my life right now and I need... Continue Reading →

Awful things about weight loss

Hello again! I'm back with another post and I know recently all of my posts have been about weight loss but this is what is my main goal of this year and what right now causes a lot of happiness... Continue Reading →

Your mind starts to play tricks on you

Before I go on my rant I want to emphasise that this post isn't directed to anyone specific more towards the society in general. I don't know if this is really my mind playing tricks on me or is it... Continue Reading →

You have to live for yourself and yourself only

Hiya! I am truly sorry if this post sounds a bit rough for some of you or you don't agree to everything I have to say about it but I'm happy to hear all of your thoughts. Recently I've started... Continue Reading →

New Years resolutions weren’t made for nothing

Hello! I hope you haven't forgotten about me 😀 I know I'm not the most consistent writer but spring has inspired me so much that I do have some ideas about what to write. I guess I can finally say... Continue Reading →

2016 in review

Hello everyone! It's time to review 2016. For me it was quite an okay year. I don't really relate too much with the general opinion of it being too bad for me personally. So the only goal I remember is... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Recovery is Wonderful

Recovery IS wondeful. I know we've all felt it at some point and that we are grateful when that time comes. Recovery is probably what we all strive for and that's a good thing. We all have our own ways... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Passing Moments

I'm back with better days. To be completely honest it seems for me to be super repetitive but maybe it does serve a purpose of its own. Today we are focusing on passing moments. It's something that happens whether we... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Our Lives Have Value

Hello again! This time the post talked about our lives having value. I don't have much new to say to this because I feel like this post doesn't fit here too well. I feel like this topic should've been brought... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Getting Our Needs Met

Hey hey! I feel like my blog has recently became really boring and I only do my better days posts. I know I could always skip a week and write something else instead but I feel like I am drained... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Fun and Enjoyment

I didn't forget Better Days for today, don't worry. This time it will be on time. The chapter discussed about having fun and how people sometimes forget it when they're on recovery. I'd say for me it's the other way... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Feeling Good

Hello again! Today we shall be discussing the topic of feeling good. I think feeling good is such a vague explanation. It can be something from having some light shed onto your pretty bad day but it can also be... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Dealing With Injustice

Hello! I'm back again with another Better Days post. This time the blog post talks about dealing with injustice. I do not have any tips about how to deal with it too well because I'm still learning to do that... Continue Reading →

Schoolyear goals

Hello again! This is the original post that was supposed to come out today (without Better Days post). My school has been on for a week now and I have come out with some goals for the year. Why am... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Creating Change

I know I know I was supposed to write Better Days on Saturday but I was truly sick on Saturday and today is my first day where I can actually write so you're gonna get two posts today :3 (yay... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Coping Skills

Hello! Today when I looked at my planner I realised that I should've written the post I wrote yesterday today and vice versa. I guess one day doesn't matter. I do have a schedule written and if you are interested... Continue Reading →

Better Days: Biting Your Tongue

Hello everyone! Today I'm here with another Better Days blog post. I know I've been lazy about writing but tbh I've been struggling with everything so now I'm trying to get back to everything. So today you will get 2... Continue Reading →

Better Days – Being Self-Aware

I'm back with another Better Days blog post but before I start with that I want to rant a bit and tell you how other people who play a significant role in your life can make a better day into... Continue Reading →

Better Days- Am I OK?

Another Better Days post. This one was a bit hard for me, well not hard but it needed a bit more thought than my other chapters. The other chapters have more background info, this time it was just a poem... Continue Reading →

Better Days – Accountability

This chapter was definitely a hard one for me. I mean it hit exactly right there where it hurts, it doesn't hurt the most but it definitely makes me want to fuss with myself. The post itself talked about accountability... Continue Reading →

Better Days – Sometimes We Struggle

Hello everyone! So Ipromised a new series and you're going to get it. So in December I went to a little chat in mental health and rock and all that. I think I even wrote a blog post about it.... Continue Reading →

Writing poetry + a new series

Hello everyone! Today I'm coming to you with another kind of an update-like blog post. Just because yesterday I did work on with my other blog Lines For The Mind. This is a fairly old blog but we haven't been... Continue Reading →

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