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2016 in review

Hello everyone! It's time to review 2016. For me it was quite an okay year. I don't really relate too much with the general opinion of it being too bad for me personally. So the only goal I remember is... Continue Reading →


I’m worried

This will probably be a short post because I'm writing it from my phone. Today I wanted to talk to you a bit on the health topic again. It's a bit of mental health and a bit of physical health.... Continue Reading →

Planning my health

Yet again I have failed with my health adventures and I'm pretty mad at myself. It's like an on-going circle. I think why I always forget and get so discouraged is the fact that I have no-one to support me... Continue Reading →

Daily doings/struggles

Hello everyone O/ So today I'm gonna write about what I've been doing and what "challenges" I faced today. Today was another eye opener for me. I guess it kinda goes under the whole health topic because the things I'm... Continue Reading →

From Head to Toe: Healthy Hair

So I'm back with another health post. I thought I'm gonna make a little series in those health posts. So this series is called head to toe. The idea of it is to concentrate on each part of body for... Continue Reading →

Week 2… I guess we could count it as week two

I'm gonna start with last post. Now for this week's numbers. Starting weight (BMI): 96.4kg (38.13) Last week’s weight (BMI): 96 kg (37.97) Current weight (BMI): 94.7 (37.77) Goal weight (BMI): 50kg (19.78) I'm not gonna do the goals again now... Continue Reading →

Where have I been?

Sorry that this blog has been lacking content lately. I have been so busy and so discouraged to mess with the blog that I've just pushed it away. Now I'm back hopefully... At least I'm writing again, it's good right?... Continue Reading →

Week 1 summary and more about water

Here I am with the updates from my little challenge. This week has been all about water and starting some good habits in order to love myself and my body even more, therefore there isn't that big of a weight... Continue Reading →

Some things just open your eyes

This post won't be an easy one. I know I have written many posts like this before but now I'm gonna get extremely personal. I think it's time to open my eyes and hopefully being honest and open and do... Continue Reading →

Who is Wolfing?

Hiya everyone... So I'm taking part of Blogging101 course, I know that I've been blogging for a while now but I think that it could help me with my writing skills and gives me a better understanding of what I... Continue Reading →

The Interesting Year of 2014

Hello hello *waves* Happy New Years eve! I hope you all have an amazing evening. So I'm gonna write my own summary and in the end you can check out of the summary WordPress has created instead of me (I... Continue Reading →

Thoughts About Rock

So the next few posts will probably be music related, hope you don't mind. Today's post will be about rock since it's the genre I listen the most. I wanted to write about the stereotypes considering rock and the interesting... Continue Reading →

Wolfing’s Adventures Online: Week 2 (8.12.14 – 14.12.14)

So here we are again with week 2. I tried to add some festive stuff but I also have some funny vids and pics. Am still not sure with the format of it so I hope you bare with me... Continue Reading →

Wolfing’s adventures online. Week 1: 1.12.14-7.12.14

I was talking to Jess earlier about my internet adventures and she gave me a really good idea to make it into a weekly blog post. It gives me one less day to worry about. Next week it will be... Continue Reading →

New changes, ideas, inspiration…

I thought I'd turn my blog even more personal... I've said that I don't want to make my blog too personal but now I think I need it. There's just so much more going on right now. It feels like... Continue Reading →

Healthier Wolfing

Hiya! See! I'm writing in the middle of the week! I'm slowly but surely getting back to writing. *feels proud* I actually have so many ideas of what to do... Anyways... this isn't the topic of the post. This will... Continue Reading →

101 posts of Wolfing

This post you're reading right now is my 101st blog post. I actually never thought I'd write so much, I started this blog with a thought that no one will ever read it and that I will probably delete this... Continue Reading →

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