Life of a little Wolfing

Welcome to the life of a little wolfing



Family from the Dust

Instead of writing to you how depressed I am and how I just want to let the depressive emotions consume me, I'm going to write about sugar and spice and everything nice. On Thursday my band had a gig. I've... Continue Reading →


2016 in review

Hello everyone! It's time to review 2016. For me it was quite an okay year. I don't really relate too much with the general opinion of it being too bad for me personally. So the only goal I remember is... Continue Reading →

Finally feeling like I am a part of something bigger

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about something that happened a year ago 😀 (not really, it happened on the 29th of Dec). Anyways I had a concert with my band and I decided that I want to... Continue Reading →

Clouds, dreams and other important shenanigans 

Hello my wonderful followers!  Today is an important day. My band DustCloud just released our first song.  Listen to Insidious Dreams by Dust Cloud We also have an instagram (if the link doesn't work then just search dustcloud_official)... Continue Reading →

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